Fuel and General Facilities


Shute Harbour Marine Terminal offers High Flow Diesel and Premium Unleaded Petroleum at competitive rates. Please note that cash is not accepted, all payments must be made via card.

Fuel Berth 1 - High Flow Diesel 

Suitable for larger vessels up to 30 meters. First come first serve for vessels up to 24 meters.

Reservations are required for vessels exceeding 24 meters due to berth sizing, please contact the team on (07) 4964 6616 between 7am and 5pm or via email at [email protected].

Dispenser Flow Rate Hose Length
1 - Diesel 150 litres per minute 20m
2 - Diesel 150 litres per minute 20m
3 - Diesel 280 litres per minute 30m including dry break

Fuel Berth 2 - Diesel and Premium Unleaded Petroleum 

Suitable for smaller vessels and recreational vessels up to 20 meters in length. No reservations required. Fuel will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Dispenser Flow Rate Hose Length
4 - Diesel 80 litres per minute 20m
5 - Diesel 40 litres per minute 10m
6 - Premium Unleaded 98 Petroleum  40 litres per minute 10m

Ice and Bait

Blue River Ice and Tweed Bait is available for purchase from the Explore 74 Cafe, located within the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal.

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